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Poker Pool

Except when clearly contradicted by these additional rules the GENERAL RULES OF POCKET BILLIARDS apply.

Poker Pool is a game that uses the skill of pool with the luck of the cards to create a game that requires different strategies each time you play.

Two or more players can play.

A complete set of billiard balls 1-15.

Custom Poker Pool Deck (4 cards to match each ball for a total of 60 cards).

Standard triangle rack, Balls placed at random.

A full rack of standard billiard balls is racked at random with no preset order. The game requires two or more players. Each player is dealt 5 or 7 cards from a poker pool card deck (60 cards). After determining the order of play, one player breaks the rack of balls. Any balls potted off the break that do not match the cards the player holds are returned to the table in a straight line back from the triangle spot and loses his turn. If off the break a player pockets a ball that matches a card in his hand, they then must place the card face up on the rail of the table and if their opponents also hold a card that matches the ball potted they also place their card face up. A player continues to pot his hand and place cards face up until they miss or foul. Any ball potted that does not match a card in that playerÙs hand is returned to the table and the next player takes their turn. Before they make their final ball a player must verbally declare LAST CARD. Game is over when a player who is at the table has no cards left.

After all foul shots players must draw a further card to add to their hand. Failure to declare LAST CARD a player must draw a further TWO cards.

Players are penalized one point per card for all they have left at the end of the game.|© Copyright 2017 Dooly's Inc.
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